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Sentence-level editing. Focus is on grammar, punctuation, and spelling while leaving your voice intact. Normally only one revision. $0.0035/word rounded to the nearest 500 words.

Line Editing/Copy Editing

Paragraph-level editing. In addition to grammar, punctuation, and spelling, focus is applied to sentence flow, phrasing, overused or clichéd words and phrases. May suggest alterations to your style. Possibility of multiple revisions. $0.007/word rounded to the nearest 500 words.


Manuscript level editing. Focus is on major structural and thematic problems, with little to no focus on grammar, punctuation, or spelling. Expect major changes and big revisions. $0.0105/word rounded to the nearest 500 words.


“Erin Celovsky proofread my novel with careful and thoughtful attention to grammar, word choice, punctuation, accuracy, and consistency. She considered these details in themselves and in relation to the story’s larger matters—characters, plot, and meaning. She also accommodated my schedule by providing regular updates, quickly answered my questions, and delivered the proofread manuscript on time. Erin was a pleasure to work with.”

Susan Calder – Author of Winter’s Rage

I am not a writer, but I had an idea. I quickly scratched it out and sent it to Erin before I lost my nerve. Erin asks questions to bring out elements that enhance hidden gems. Erin made it easy for me to revise. We are part way through the process and I look forward to finishing the book. I am very grateful for Erin’s work ethic, brilliance, and attention to detail.

Beverly Kid

Erin was a delight to work with. She was very professional and kept me updated on her timeline and progress. She learned my style and allowed my voice to be heard. Her edits are very detailed. When she suggests changes, she explains why, and often refers to research she has done to back up the suggestion. Erin was worth every penny.

Patrick Ember – Author

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